bureaucracy = inaction at it’s most inactive and I HATE IT!



That is the sound of frustration captured on a keyboard.

*throws hands up in the air*

Who is the father of the BASTARD State Department?  I want to talk with him about his offspring’s predilection for confusing, thwarting, and baffling any citizen’s attempt for communication and his offspring’s monolithic propensity.


All I want is my goddamned Certificate of Birth Abroad, my FS-240.  I can’t get my Virgina license, a car, a job, social services, without it.  I sent all the information that was requested on the government website, including a cashier’s check for $30.  And I waited.  And waited.  And waited. I felt I waited too long.  The government website does not have a phone number for the State Department’s department that deals with these things.  I found the number on another website.  I called it.

WHOA!  I get an automated answer and the first thing the disconnected male voice says is there are additional items needed that are not listed on the government website.  SHITE!!!!  Ok so I just need to send that stuff.  Right?  I wait for the options, I find the appropriate one and press “7”.  CLICK.  It hung up on me.  So I try other extensions, I would get a hold of a person, who would then transfer me to another person, who in turn would transfer me to another person who would transfer me to another extention that ended in VOICE MAIL.   I try dialing a number off.  I try calling the passport division.  Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

So I e-mail and call my district’s delegate to the US House of Representatives, Thelma Drake.  No response from her either.  I am going to discourage ANYONE from voting for the bitch.

I am not going to bug the Senator Warner, instead, I am going to attempt to contact our district representative for the Virginia Senate, Bob Tata.  He lives right down the street.  I am hoping he can persuade the BITCH to help me out.     

If worse comes to worst, iI will carry my ass to DC and stand outside the building to which I mailed my request, yelling “GIVE ME MY FS-240 or GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK!”


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