The Ends Justify the Means (in a good way)


I believe that all the success I want will happen because of my failures. 

Any fear of failure I have ever had has been squashed outta me. I’ve learned far more from my failures than through the things approached with ease. Fatal failures raise a lot of questions about circumstance and self. In my cyclonic life, failures actually compel me to stop and assess my direction, my motives, my surroundings. Sometime failures hurt like a motherfucker. Getting burned is a pretty efficient way of searing a life lesson permanently into one’s brain. I used to let the failures gnaw at my psyche in the form of self-doubts and furies. 

These days, I find myself in a more positive mindset to deal with the failures which I now see simply as indicators that something needs to change until I get it right. They will cause me momentary distress, at times, after all, I try to have the best expectations and still get a little miffed when things aren’t working as well as I had hoped. But I know things can always be fanagled and there are always options, as long as my efforts were placed with good intent.

When I was younger, failure was routine. Now that I’m older, I find myself failing less because I make better decisions based on the observation data from previous failures I have stored in my grey-matter bank. I’ve become immune to certain types of failures but every now and then , a new one comes along and I fall victim to it. Fortunately recovery is usually as simple as taking a really deep breath and making a simple adjustment of attitude.

We’ve been conditioned to fear failure and when we let our fears dictate our direction, pushing us to safer, easier routes, we miss out on valuable opportunities and great rewards that never received even a half-hearted effort.

I guess what I’m rambling on and on about is that when we have aspirations, we have to go for it. If we fail along the way, it’s not the end of the world, chalk it up as another lesson learned. Readjust the path or readjust the goal and keep going, without fear or doubt


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