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I The noose swung and danced in the breeze, dangling carefree, a brother to the festooning Spanish moss hanging down from tangled ends of massive branches, a son of the ancient oak tree supporting a canopy of murmuring leaves that tell age-old secrets that only the passing winds can decipher.  This noose without a neck, though […]

Crescent-gnawed of goddess’ fingertip, spit into the sky. No horn of plenty, no homage to Semele. No enigma, so familiar. No competition for the multitude of black holes pulsing Or galaxies whirling. Parallax Error.  Quit following me, you lunar terror. I wish I had the power shoot you out of your heavenly sling. I refuse to […]

A giant bead of sweat runs down my forehead and to my brown.  I bring my arm to my face and wipe it off.  One side of my bright green shorts rides up my thigh and I feel my legs jiggling.  I experienced a brief moment of concern, wanting to pull the fabric back down […]



I can’t think of a word that describes this region better in both aspects of the definition. Fen Jen. There comes points in time where I feel like everything around me is stuck and sinking in the muck.  There are no explosions or massive collapses.  It’s a time dependent creep where I feel like I’m […]



Friends flake off, the dried-up scales from a rotted carp. Omission cements my heart. Heavy, it drops. It plunks into a sea of erudites to stabilize the hook and line. The watery depths amplify. I’ll catch some sharks.



Leviathan roars up from the depths to snag and to catch all unsuspecting breaths. He pummels the shores, ripped and torn by his yawing stretch. He wakes, he shakes, unadorned he scorns the landscape. No gentle giant, he sleeps in the deep and when disturbed, countries are shorn. And overturned, upended, displaced, the people shall mourn. […]