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Last night a giant man squeezed by me and let his hands linger on my body about two seconds too long.  I flipped him the middle finger as he walked away but he didn’t see it.  I wish he did. I buy a gal a drink because she has “Semper Veritas” tattooed across her chest. […]

I believe that all the success I want will happen because of my failures.  Any fear of failure I have ever had has been squashed outta me. I’ve learned far more from my failures than through the things approached with ease. Fatal failures raise a lot of questions about circumstance and self. In my cyclonic […]

The moon nests, nearly full, in phantasmagoric tufts of swift moving clouds. Leaves cling to limbs in a last ditch effort to thwart winter, their struggles telegraph from tree to tree, dry castanets clamoring in the strong breeze. Little imps run in zig-zag paths, the crazed path of mutant moths drawn to porch lights and […]

Catch a Memory


I haven’t changed much. When I was seven, I loved food and had insomnia. I woke up one night and decided I wanted cream puffs. I grabbed the well-worn Betty Crocker cookbook and sat on the kitchen floor. I gathered ingredients and began mixing. A few hours later, I was eating creampuffs with the kitchen […]

As I read all these blogs, I realize that I am not quite a real writer.  My grammar and syntax could be more in tune.  My only saving grace is my ability to describe the things around me in writing.   I would liken my writing skills to an ear trained musician that never learned how […]

Sometimes it’s proper to grow up.  I’ve been writing my daily escapades on myspace for a couple of years now.  That’s fine and dandy.  My friends have dubbed me the “madblogger.”  No topic is ever sacred and I don’t care.  I have nothing to hide.  I post about nudity, everyone’s interested.  I post about debauchery and […]