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I The noose swung and danced in the breeze, dangling carefree, a brother to the festooning Spanish moss hanging down from tangled ends of massive branches, a son of the ancient oak tree supporting a canopy of murmuring leaves that tell age-old secrets that only the passing winds can decipher.  This noose without a neck, though […]



I can’t think of a word that describes this region better in both aspects of the definition. Fen Jen. There comes points in time where I feel like everything around me is stuck and sinking in the muck.  There are no explosions or massive collapses.  It’s a time dependent creep where I feel like I’m […]

Sleep is wrong.


Vise-jawed (sawing teeth whilst sawing logs,) I wrest faceless apparitions of familiarity the old ghosts’ haunting grounds, ripping layers of nearly transparent gauze off old guarded wounds and scabs are pulled; they bleed anew.  Each movement, mechanized to repeat the outcome of the input, feels like I am running up descending escalator steps while looking […]