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I can’t think of a word that describes this region better in both aspects of the definition. Fen Jen. There comes points in time where I feel like everything around me is stuck and sinking in the muck.  There are no explosions or massive collapses.  It’s a time dependent creep where I feel like I’m […]



Friends flake off, the dried-up scales from a rotted carp. Omission cements my heart. Heavy, it drops. It plunks into a sea of erudites to stabilize the hook and line. The watery depths amplify. I’ll catch some sharks.

I received a bulletin on myspace from one of my friends regarding a giant banana potentially floating over Texas for a month,  in a part of the atmosphere where it affects no air traffic and is engineered to hover only above Texas. I get it.  I admire the ambition and the imagination.  I understand […]