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I The noose swung and danced in the breeze, dangling carefree, a brother to the festooning Spanish moss hanging down from tangled ends of massive branches, a son of the ancient oak tree supporting a canopy of murmuring leaves that tell age-old secrets that only the passing winds can decipher.  This noose without a neck, though […]



Leviathan roars up from the depths to snag and to catch all unsuspecting breaths. He pummels the shores, ripped and torn by his yawing stretch. He wakes, he shakes, unadorned he scorns the landscape. No gentle giant, he sleeps in the deep and when disturbed, countries are shorn. And overturned, upended, displaced, the people shall mourn. […]

The grey sky looms low, clouds roll, winds blow. I stand solo in the frigid air, bare feet freezing on the concrete below me.  I cross my arms and shiver; I am not accustomed to winter despite once living in Virginia. And now I have returned, my indian summer’s spurned.  The sun-kissed glow is slowly ceding to […]