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I like to dabble in the short story.  These are my submissions to NPRs “3 minute story” series inspired by the following photo. Story 1 “Wanted: A gently used electric guitar for beginner student $40 or less, a small amp for $50 or less, and some earplugs for dad, call before 10 pm” Of all […]

Sleep is wrong.


Vise-jawed (sawing teeth whilst sawing logs,) I wrest faceless apparitions of familiarity the old ghosts’ haunting grounds, ripping layers of nearly transparent gauze off old guarded wounds and scabs are pulled; they bleed anew.  Each movement, mechanized to repeat the outcome of the input, feels like I am running up descending escalator steps while looking […]

As I read all these blogs, I realize that I am not quite a real writer.  My grammar and syntax could be more in tune.  My only saving grace is my ability to describe the things around me in writing.   I would liken my writing skills to an ear trained musician that never learned how […]